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Le Clos du Riou
07150 Orgnac l’Aven – France

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Ouverture de mi-juin au mi-septembre


Relaxation and wellness



Hot tub, sauna and wellness modeling massages* to get back in shape

in an appeasing and relaxing atmosphere.

*: massages for non-therapeutic purposes


The hot tub: lat. sanitas per acqua (health from water)


We offer you the best in hot tubs: 4 sits and 1 bed with chromotherapy and aromatherapy.

Let yourself go and enjoy a massage in the 35°C hot tub. Accessible from October to April.
A session is offered for a 3-night-stay and then one session for each night.

Infrared sauna:

It is a 2 to 3 people cabin where the infrared warmth will directly warm your body, like the sun does, but without the harmful effects of the ultraviolet rays. You will automatically feel the beneficial effects on the total relaxation of your muscles, the improvement of your blood circulation, as well as the full and deep purification of skin.

The massages:

Discover the benefits of the different relaxing and invigorating massages, as you want them:

  • Californian massage: to release your body from stress, ease muscular and nervous tensions, and improve blood circulation

  • Face modeling massage: to revive and invigorate your skin

  • Feet reflexology: to locate and evacuate the body tensions and other dysfunctions


Our graduated practitioner is available all year long on demand for the massage of your choice, for 30 or 60 minutes.


See our rates in "Price" tab



Beauty: Our graduated beautician is available on demand for services such as depilation, manicure or face care.


Teas, herbal teas offered after a combination sauna + massage.

For any other wish, please consult us.


Sports corner:

Want to exercise? Rowing machine, power plate and bike are available.
You can also play table tennis, pétanque (bowls) and borrow one of our mountain bikes!